How Culture Informs Our Means of Entertainment: Gaming in Japan & the U.S.

When we regard our means of entertainment in a very general sense, we find a few types that exist cross-culturally to a universal extent. Examples of these types of entertainment are music, story-telling, and games. In some instances, the act of simply playing a game may be considered more childlike in one culture more so than in another, but regardless seems to be pretty much part of a universal human experience. 

Kotoba Miners – Using Minecraft as Educational Language Tool

When learning a foreign language, there are numerous methods of study available to the student, such as formal classes, textbooks, and online programs and resources. Full immersion in the country whose language you’re studying is widely regarded as the best and most effective approach, but of course not everyone is equipped with the funds and means necessary for living abroad. One professor, however, has found a way to give his students access to an immersive language environment without the requirement of travel, foreign or otherwise, through the use of Minecraft.


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